The Hidden Therapies Volume 3.2

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The Hidden Therapies Part.3

Volume 3.2


Autor: Jerzy Zięba
Język: Angielski
Wydawnictwo: Egida Consulting Sp. z o.o. S.J.
ISBN: 978-83-961368-9-3 
Liczba stron: 368
Wymiary: 148 x 215 mm



A few years ago, I received the first volume of Hidden Therapies as a gift from a doctor friend (she has no time to read nonsense, and I was interested in this subject). I thought, ah, another obsessive author. As I started read-ing, my attitude changed. Here was someone not professionally involved in medicine writing about matters so obvious to me in a way that even my dear colleagues cannot understand. He doesn’t write about prescriptions for treating diseases but deals instead with their causes.


prof. dr hab. n. med. Andrzej Frydrychowski  


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A few years ago, I received the first volume of Hidden Therapies as a gift from a doctor friend (she
has no time to read nonsense, and I was interested in this subject). I thought, ah, another
obsessive author. As I started read-ing, my attitude changed. Here was someone not
professionally involved in medicine writing about matters so obvious to me in a way that even my
dear colleagues cannot understand. He doesn’t write about prescriptions for treating diseases but
deals instead with their causes.

During the first two years, we teach medical students the basics of how the human body functions:
anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, etc. We provide them with the basics of medical
reasoning. And then, ev-erything goes to hell. In the following years of study, we move on to teach-
ing algorithms for the treatment of specific diseases or organs. There are specializations that deal
with only one organ. We have outstanding special-ists in the area of the knee, the kidney, and the
tear duct. But what about what lies behind the problems that affect these parts? Not a word. The
simple conclusion is that something is wrong with our system of teaching. We teach students how to
deal with acute diseases, and this is extremely necessary and effective. However, we do not teach
them how to deal with chronic diseases. Wise doctors should see that something is wrong here.
They should see solutions themselves. Sometimes they try to do it, and in-stead… they’re summoned
by the medical council and lose their right to practice. Many doctors see how this works but don’t do
anything about it. The system of repression is quite effective. I often hear questions that are not
answered by existing books and do not follow the logical approach of this one. There is a gap in
knowledge. Jerzy Zięba fills this gap. He shows which paths should be followed in order to help
patients with chronic dis-eases; and, most importantly, these are not just his ideas or inventions. In-
stead, they’re based on his reading and understanding of hundreds of sci-entific publications and
conversations with doctors who make use of this knowledge. He provides an extensive bibliography
of articles in scientific and peer-reviewed journals; it is on the basis of such that he writes about
these methods. These are not the views of Jerzy but, rather, reflect his painstak-ing work of reading
many sources in scientific publications and analyzing many facts. In the end, he gives us this
knowledge on a plate. I am ashamed to admit that I first learned about DMSO; the effectiveness of
administer-ing large doses of vitamin C; treatment with high dilutions of hydrogen per-oxide; etc.
from the books of Jerzy Zięba. And I did check up and read the sources on these topics. I was simply
amazed that no one had ever told me about them before. I started to test these methods myself,
and I saw the effects described in Jerzy’s books. With the basics of medical knowledge and its
practical application, knowing the mechanisms of action of the meth-ods of treatment, the riddle
of full health has been solved for me. Perhaps I should write more about this book, but Jerzy will tell
you everything. I will only point out one chemical: DMSO. It was from these books that I learned
about DMSO, and it was thanks to Jerzy that I came across something so wonderful yet so
underestimated—and, at the same time, so vehemently spat on by my colleagues. I asked them to
read about it and give me their feedback. There is a lot of scientific literature on this subject. I myself
have over a hundred publications on the remarkable effectiveness and unusual properties of this

In the previous and the present volume, Jerzy approaches the question of health as any intelligent
doctor should. Let’s remove the causes of dis-eases (vitamin deficiencies, micronutrients,
inflammatory diet, etc.) and do more exercise—it’s a recipe for health. It’s so simple. Sometimes I
hear people complaining that he’s not a doctor, so he has no right to make any comments on human
health. This is a bit strange. Why can an individual who can think logically (he is qualified in a
technical subject) not learn the body of knowledge usually reserved for a narrow group of
people—who are most often unwilling or unable to think about disease in terms of cau-sality? The
world is changing; patients themselves can see the ineffective-ness of chronic disease treatment,
and they’re looking for help. This book aims to assist them in finding that help.

In the following chapters, the author debunks myths that have been taught by medicine for years. So
it’s said that when we have a high body tem-perature, it should be lowered quickly. Really? This is
what we can learn from this book. (After all, one system for treating cancer involves cham-bers that
increase body temperature.) If there were no results, no one would use it. The recommendation that
patients keep hydrated is so ob-vious that it is not worth writing about here. How can biochemical
reac tions take place properly in a congested, dehydrated environment? In an-other chapter, we
learn about less common supplementation methods, such as MMS (sodium chlorite), where the
active substance is chlorine di-oxide. What pathogen could defend against this compound? What
patho-gen could defend against iodine or hydrogen peroxide? Niacin (which we should use instead
of statins) is a brilliant vitamin, and it’s worth paying at-tention to Jerzy’s description of it. The
methods of treatment described here, including reflex therapy, acupuncture, and auriculotherapy
are as old as the hills. A type of strong stimulation of receptors, currently used under the name of
clavitherapy, is extremely effective in treatment. Would these methods have survived if they were
ineffective? Old and effective natu-ral treatments, such as apitherapy or hirudotherapy, are slowly
starting to enter conventional medicine. Herbal medicine has been used forever, but now we have
more and more laws against its use. (For example, wheat-grass has been recognized as a drug and
now requires registration like a drug.) Reasonable and practical comments on this subject can be
found in this volume.

The chapter on physical exercise may come as a surprise to some, but it’s worth becoming
acquainted with its contents so that you don’t hurt your-self. It’s described here how interval
training and isometric training can lead to total short-term muscle fatigue. One logical and basic
approach to health is to ensure the maintenance of the body’s physiological parame-ters. What does
“a properly acidified stomach and a deacidified body are the basics of health” mean? In this book,
the reader will find a great deal of information on this subject. And if we have any uninvited guests
we want to get rid of, just read the appropriate chapter. Here, apart from parasites, I also mean
heavy metals and toxins. This book describes how they can be gotten rid of.
This straightforward chelation method, totally persecuted by modern medicine, is upheld here. How
many people who use this method of therapy have been deprived of the right to practice their
profession for using it? All they did was effectively cleanse the body of heavy metals, thus avoiding
athero-sclerotic lesions in the arteries. I used this method myself many years ago: the result was
wider lumen of the arteries, and the coronary pain I felt after exercise disappeared. But at the university
where I worked, I was forbidden to use it. I fully support the author’s views on this subject.

The role of the lymphatic system is greatly underestimated. Simple methods of getting it working
will be found in the chapter on the subject. It is worth considering this and reading carefully.
Stress is one of the primary triggers of chronic disease and causes hormon-al dysregulation. It also
leads to an unknown quantity in academic medi-cine: adrenal exhaustion. This is brilliantly described
in another chapter.

Until recently, some pathogens were unknown because they simply did not exist. These include the
electromagnetic fields emitted by telephones, trans-mitting masts, Wi-Fi, microwaves ovens, and
many, many other devices. The increase they cause in the incidence of neoplastic diseases,
especially brain tumors, is drastic. We can read about their harmfulness, how they damage our
“information field”, and how to prevent this.
It is worth knowing about the basis of our immunity—the microbiome. This is also described in this
book in an accessible way.

It was with great interest that I read the next part of the book on therapies. I wasn’t disappointed,
and I’ll leave this part without comment. You just have to read it yourself, draw conclusions, and
apply it. I use many of these solu-tions myself and can confirm their effectiveness. This is a priceless
chap-ter and could really be the subject of a separate preface. But I will say that, without this
chapter, I wouldn’t have agreed to write this preface.
I would like to draw your attention to the unique chapter on torsion fields, which are non-energetic
information fields. Quantum medicine is our future. We will be able to cure any disease in a very
short time. I do it myself, and I am still surprised by it. None of my fellow neurologists will believe
that it is possible, for example, to remove pain in the case of radiculitis within 30 sec-onds. But it is
possible. With other conditions, a little more time is needed. I hear you – this is impossible. But what
does the patient care about that? The pain is gone; that’s all that’s important. Jerzy here takes up a
very dif-ficult topic and, I am pleased to say, deals with it brilliantly. This might be difficult for the
man on the street to understand. I have been dealing with this subject for many years, and when I
see the results, I still feel like I un-derstand hardly anything. The topic is very difficult but crucial for
the future.

This is how we will generally treat disease someday. It will lead to a signif-icant reduction in
synthetic drugs—tough! Pharmacology will have to shift to a different track.
It’s actually amazing that I agree so much with the author. I should write some critical remarks,
though frankly they fade in comparison to everything else. If this book is intended for physicians, I’d
prefer some more elaborate treatments—but, of course, the author emphasizes that this is not a
treat-ment manual, so I can’t really complain. There is an extensive list of cita-tions from research
literature, so readers can supplement their knowledge with further research. This book shows us
paths worth following to obtain health, both for yourself and for your patients. I understand that it is
impos-sible to write everything about everything in a limited space. If my fellow doctors would like
to know another effective way to recover and maintain health, I highly recommend this unique
book. Thanks to natural methods, we can expect to live longer (to the despair of those who pay our
pensions), and our old age won’t be a nightmare in a wheelchair.

Professor Andrzej Frydrychowski

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Part 3.

Volume 3.2



Review. 13

Introduction. 19

About recommended dietary supplements ... I know, but I’m not telling. 33

Proper supplementation.  43

Treatment of chronic diseases:  what they have in common. 45

Why do people suffer from chronic diseases?  51

Vitamin D. 55

Vitamin K2 MK-7. 61

Homocysteine. 63

Temperature. 71

MMS: “miracle mineral solution”. 75

Hydration of the body. 77

Peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. 89

Hormones. 91

Impotence and erectile dysfunction. 95

Lugol’s solution. 97

Nebulization: inhalation. 99

Breathing. 101

Medicinal marijuana (CBD and THC oils). 113

Charcoal. 121

Vitamin B3. 123

Hirudotherapy. 137

With auriculotherapy, acupuncture, and reflexology. 139

Osteopathy. 141

Herbal medicine, phytotherapy. 149

Apitherapy and apitoxinotherapy. 151

Beebread, bee pollen, propolis. 151

Magnesium supplementation. 155

Oral hygiene. 157

Removal of toxins. 159

Hydrocolonotherapy. 161

The Skin. 163

How to do physical exercise. 165

Collagen. 193

Inflammations and diseases resulting from autoimmune aggression. 201

Preparing for pregnancy. 203

Acidification of the stomach and acidification of the body.

Sugar. 215

Milk. 217

Grain products: gluten. 219

Parasites and molds (mycoses). 221

Amalgam fillings. 227

Light. 229

Hyperbaric and normobaric chambers. 235

Baicalin. 237

Colostrum. 241

Root canal treatment. 241

Heavy metals in the body. 245

The lymphatic system. 257

Stress. 265

Electromagnetic fields. 269

Intestines and bacterial flora. 283

Minerals and health. 299

DMSO. 303

Clavitherapy. 307

Vegetable juices: Nature’s gift of health. 311

Index. 317


Volume 3.2

The therapeutic part. 331

  • Atherosclerosis. 334
  • Arthrosis of the joints, osteoporosis, and other joint diseases. 337
  • Rheumatoid arthritis. 339
  • Osteoarthritis. 340
  • Gout and podagra. 343
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 344
  • Yellow spot (age-related degeneration or AMD). 345
  • Multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis. 346
  • Autism. 350
  • Thrush. 354
  • Aphtha. 354
  • Periodontal disease. 354
  • Tumors. 355
  • Thyroid. 356
  • Hashimoto’s disease. 361
  • Menopause. 363
  • Broken bones. 366
  • Corns. 370
  • Aneurysms. 370
  • Kidney stones. 372
  • Urinary incontinence. 373
  • Gallstones. 374
  • Inflammation of the bladder. 380
  • Constipation. 381
  • Diarrhea. 381
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. 382
  • Lyme disease. 382
  • Liver, fatty liver, cirrhosis. 384
  • Sepsis, viral pneumonia.  385
  • How to strengthen the immune system. 410
  • Nasal polyps. 417
  • Diabetes. 418
  • Endometriosis.  431
  • Painful menstruation.  431
  • Tinnitus.  432
  • Meniere’s disease. 433
  • Allergies, atopic dermatitis (AD).  433
  • Asthma. 434
  • Scars. 437
  • Burns.  438
  • Sleep apnea. 438
  • Snoring. 438
  • Insomnia. 438
  • Migraines. 439
  • Alzheimer’s disease .  440
  • Down syndrome.  442
  • Muscle cramps.  444
  • Headache.  444
  • Hemorrhoids.  446
  • Alcoholism.  448
  • Overweight. 448
  • Underweight.  454
  • Perlèche, angular cheilitis. 455
  • Radiation sickness. 455
  • Felon. 458
  • Benign skin tumors.  459
  • Boils.  459
  • Sinuses. 460
  • Varicose veins.  462
  • Blocked nose. 463
  • Schizophrenia.  464
  • Persistent sneezing.  464
  • Depression.  465
  • Heel spurs. 465
  • Viral diseases of childhood.  466
  • Scleroderma. 468
  • Sarcoidosis. 469
  • Raynaud’s disease. 470
  • Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis. 471
  • Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. 474
  • Gastritis, gastric ulcers, and duodenal ulcers.  478
  • Arrhythmia. 480
  • Colds.  480
  • Hiccups. 484
  • Motion sickness.  484
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)and pneumoconiosis.  485
  • Anemia.  486
  • Prostate glands.  488
  • Herpes.  490
  • Epilepsy.  491
  • Parkinson’s disease. 493
  • Morning sickness. 493


About diets. 495

  • Protein.  496
  • Fats. 496
  • Carbohydrates.  498
  • Dr. Kempner’s diet.  507
  • Ketogenic diet. 508
  • Coconut balls.  511
  • My “diet”.  517
  • Fasting.  524
  • Longevity. 537


Medical saber-rattling. 561

  • Hypnotherapy. 563
  • Self-hypnosis. 587

Torsion fields: the future or, the end of medicine as we know it today. 593

Prayer as healing .627

Homeopathy. 631

Epigenetics. 643

Heart coherence - Heart Variability Rate (HVR). 669

Telepathy. 673

Epilogue. 681

Index. 685

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